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About Us

OMEGA OVERSEAS acts as a premium cotton canvas bags, cotton promotional bags, canvas shopping bags manufacturer & exporter in India. We manufacture and supply canvas shopping bags, canvas promotional bags, canvas totes, canvas conference bags, canvas promotional tote bags, canvas drawstring bags, canvas grocery bags, cotton drawstring bags, cotton laundry bags, canvas pencil pouches, cotton pencil cases etc from Kolkata. We supply best quality 100% natural products to our clients in UK, USA, Canada, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Japan & Netherlands.

Promote your brand creatively and economically with our Eco-friendly reusable bags. If you are planning to use Eco-friendly products multiple times for promotional purposes, you can buy directly from our factory with your own customisation. Using reputed shipping lines, we can export our products anywhere in the world. For cheaper shipping, you should order a minimum of 5000 bags.

Our all products are divided into few categories such as carry bagspromotional bagsconference bagsfashion bags and some home textiles. We have various types of carry bags which are made of cotton, canvas and linen. Cotton carry bags are lightweight, cheap and foldable. Laminated cotton carry bags are durable, cheap but not foldable. Canvas carry bags are little bit heavy than others. It also cost a bit more than cotton bags. All of our carry bags are 100% Eco-friendly and reusable.

Our Eco-friendly natural bags are mainly used by developed countries like UK, US, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Belgium etc. but we want to spread them in whole world to reduce the usage of plastic bags. People think that cotton bags are costlier than polythene bags. But, that’s actually a myth. If we go through a calculation, we can find the actual truth. Suppose a single polythene bag costs USD0.02. If we use 30 bags per month it costs USD0.60. We spend USD1.20 in every two month just to carry our everyday articles. Instead of plastic bags, if we use a cotton bag that costs USD1.20, it can be for used at least 90 days. Most important thing is cotton bags are on much safer side than polythene bags. So using cotton bags, we can save our money as well as environment. We should share this message to everybody so every people can avail this opportunity. In each year, the polythene bags are heavily polluting our world. Stop pollution from plastic bag is not the cup of tea for one or two countries. Every country needs to come forward to take a positive step. 

Printing is the most vital factor of a promotional canvas or cotton bag. We recommend everyone to use printed canvas bags since printing quality on these bags are always great! When we design a promotional bag for you, our main target is to reach maximum number of audiences so you can get more business.

Conference gifts are very important part of a conference. So we recommend an attractive conference gift such as Eco-friendly canvas conference bags. Our conference bags are cost-effective and durable. So it can be used more than 6 months or 1 year (depending upon GSM of fabrics). Conference & seminar bags are the special segment of Omega Overseas. As we are a customized conference bags manufacturer, we make the bags as per the specifications provided by client.

We are one of the leading natural fashion bags manufacturers in India. We make canvas fashion bags with animal or flower prints.

India is the biggest producer of cotton. So, being an India-based enterprise we can source cotton fabrics at a cheap rate. As a result, we can offer you best quality cotton and canvas bags at a cheaper price than China, Malaysia or Vietnam.

If you have any enquiry regarding Eco-friendly bags please mail us; we will provide you information regarding our latest Eco-friendly solutions. We deal with our customers with a friendly manner because we believe "Business is not only a process of earning money but also a relationship".


Quality Assurance

We are a SEDEX audited factory and we use the best quality raw materials to manufacture our Eco-friendly bags. We choose the fabrics very carefully with attention to detail. For laminated fabrics we use PP. Still we can provide LDPE on request. At Omega Overseas, we always stay attentive to the most important part of production - printing & stitching. We make top quality printing on our cotton, canvas and linen bags. We follow 3 step checking method to avoid any defective products and next we pack the bags in high quality 5 ply or 7 ply corrugated carton for a safe transportation.

Social Responsibility

Omega Overseas works on several ethical frameworks that suggest a feeling of responsibility towards a large number of people. Social Responsibility suggests the implementation of some newest strategies through which companies try to implore a positive impact on society while running the business too. Generally these responsibilities within the framework of a business incorporate observing certain obligations towards common people, investors, employees, workers, clients, environment and the local community.

Every company has its own strategy for observing social responsibility; so does Omega Canvas. At Omega Overseas, we work for the education of rural & tribal children. We also work towards arising social consciousness among general public. Both of these programs are conducted in association with ICWS Foundation. We boost for our Eco-friendly products and it is our direct involvement in promoting the environment. We are against the policy to utilize child toil in any of our manufacturing processes and feel that children are best suited in their studies.

Mission and Vision

Omega Overseas had started its operation with a mission to reduce the usage of environment-spoiling plastic bags and related products. In the way to fulfil this pre-determined Mission, the entrepreneurs of the company have started a trial on providing eco-friendly products in form of bags. We have already envisaged in spreading our products to developed countries. The next target of our company is to spread these nature friendly bags to the remotest corner of the world at fair price. The products are gaining highest level of popularity in those countries and it is s sure proof of social awareness against the detrimental effect of non-biodegradable PP and plastic products.

It is our pride that we are able to work with environmentally friendly Cotton and Canvas products that are reusable and natural substitutes of all types of synthetic produce.

The company has aimed to deal with only premium quality and lately designed Cotton and Canvas bags. At Omega Overseas, we maintain a continuous appraisal process on the latest change in the market and the designers are updated accordingly. The mission of spreading across the globe has already started taking shape.

Our vision is to grow our organisation in a rapid pace while ensuring the welfare of our craftsmen, workers as well as clients.






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